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  1. My name is Tom Davis. I am a member of the North Penn church of Christ in North Wales, PA., outside of Philadelphia. Recently,I wrote a commentary on the Book of Revelation, entitled Revelation Its Historical Fulfillment in the First and Fourth Centuries. I thought you might be interested in the book.

    Here’s the link to the publisher for more information.

    Here is a link to the publisher’s press release about the book.

    It is also available on Amazon as an e-book. You may have to type in the entire title to bring it up.
    Also, 21st Century Christian will list it in their 2017 catalog.

    Extensive research of the historical facts from Jewish, Christian, and secular writers offer evidence that Revelation’s prophetic visions were fulfilled in the first century with the destruction of Jerusalem and in the fourth century with the 10-year Great Persecution of the church by the Roman Empire.
    By looking backward in history for Revelation’s fulfillment instead of forward as so many people do, the message of the book is clear and understandable. This book will give you a great appreciation of God’s love and protection for His church during times of persecution. Your faith will increase, and finally, the Book of Revelation will make sense.

    You’ll find it interesting, informative, and innovative. I welcome your comments
    if you choose to read it.

    May the Lord bless you and all the church.
    Tom Davis

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