Youth Services

Let the little children come to Me,
and do not forbid them;
for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”
                                                                                Matthew 19:14




Cottondale Church of Christ has an amazing youth program that is led by Deacon Marshall Colburn.  Marshall has been leading the youth program for 4 years and has done a wonderful job at leading our youth down the correct path of Christ.  Below is a small list of the programs that our youth are involved in.

  • participate in visitation program
  • annually have VBS and go to ICYC
  • throughout the year participate in various Lads to Leaders events such as
    • Good Samaritan – where the youth will do various deeds and service projects
    • Read New and/or Old Testament
    • Put up the bulletin boards
    • Teach to Teach – where the youth will assist and student teach
    • Recite Old and New Testament verses
    • Song leading (for the boys)
    • Songs of Praise (for the girls)
    • Centurion of Scripture: recite 100 Bible verses
    • and many many more events to strengthen the spirit through our youth.

Each Sunday @ 4:30 (except for the 4th Sunday of the month) the youth meet at the church building for Pew Packers.  They learn about different events of the Bible and will sing songs.

Each 2nd Wednesday the young boys will lead services.

Every month someone within the congregation will host a youth devotional where one of the youth will speak on a topic.  The times and dates are below for the next upcoming devotionals if you would like to join.  You can click here to see photos from past youth devotionals.

Nov – Vince & Emily Parker will host the youth devotional and Ethan Ray will present the devotional.

Dec – Bob & Meriley Ray will host the youth devotional and Jacob Toler will present the devotional.

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