“…and on this rock I will

build my church…”
                                                        Matthew 16:18


Our mission as the church, in obedience to the Word of God, is to enlist, encourage, and equip as many people as possible in becoming dedicated followers of Jesus. We understand this lifelong journey includes essential elements such as…


Commitment to Worship

        Christ’s followers will hear and obey what God says. In worship, we hear a message from God’s word, and we grow in knowledge of His will for our lives. Through worship, we refocus our lives on God. All who love God and follow Jesus commit to – and enjoy the privilege of – worshiping regularly.

Commitment to our Community

        Christ’s followers are to be known by their love for each other. Following Jesus is an individual decision, but the journey is made in the company of other followers. Christ offers a new life, a connected life, and in His church all are welcome through humble obedience.

Commitment to Serve

        Christ’s followers are to embrace a life of service. Love for God is demonstrated by showing love to other people, not just in words but in deeds of mercy.  Following Jesus will lead us to others we can help.




Jason Moore1A3BD41E-3A30-4777-9122-ABA897E47D91

        Jason graduated in 2014 from the University of North Alabama in Florence, with a degree in Biology and Education.  There he met his wife, Danielle.  After teaching for several years in Georgia, he decided that he wanted to preach the gospel and sought to attend the best school for preachers.  Therefore Jason and Danielle attended the Memphis School of Preaching and it was there they welcomed their daughter, Sarah.  After two years of studying, Jason graduated in June 2019 and began his work with Cottondale Church of Christ.

Favorite Verse– Prov 24:10If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strength is small.



29107-3-christian-cross-transparent_600x600Cottondale News29107-3-christian-cross-transparent_600x600


Basic Bible Principles
Class will be every Sunday afternoon at 4:00PM (except for church-eat-church) in the fellowship hall.

Pew PackersMeet in the Auditorium at 4:30PM every Sunday afternoon except for church-eat-church.

World Bible SchoolPlease grade materials and turn into Clifton Parker.

Operational GroupsEveryone is encouraged to send cards.  If you have any questions please get with one of the Elders or Jason Moore.

Mens BreakfastSaturday, December 28 will be the next mens breakfast.

Ladies DevotionalThursday, December 12 will be the next ladies devotional as well as the Christmas party held at the home of Soneia Galloway.

Youth Devotional Will be hosted by the Rays, it will be held at the church building after evening service on Sunday December 15.

Christmas Party Cottondale will be hosting a Christmas party at the church building on December 17.

North Alabama Christian Children’s HomeA special collection was taken for the children’s home which went well, if you would like to continue to support the children’s home and donate or if you have any questions, please get with one of the Elders or Jason Moore.

YouTubeAll of our services are being broadcasted live through YouTube.  You can follow the link at the bottom of the page to watch or if you want to just revisit a past sermon.  If you would like a CD of any sermon or a digital copy, please get with one of the Elders or Jason Moore and we will get one made for you.

Food PantryWe are needing Canned Hams for the pantry for the upcoming holiday season.  If you would like to donate food items please get with one of the Elders or Jason Moore.

Mid-Week Bible Study – We will meet on Thursday, December 26 instead of Wednesday, December 25.





Sherry Edwards (wife of Glenn Edwards): recovering from heart surgery, has been moved to rehab.

Sheila Duncan: health problems.

Sherry Bentley and Mitchell Reese: recovering from knee surgery.

Sheila Milligan: recovering from health issues.

Crystal McIntosh: recovering from neck surgery.

Shon Dillard (Judy’s son): will have surgery again.

Ronnie Gregory (relative of Jearlene):cancer.

Sharon Green (relative of Jearlene): stroke.

Anne Causey: pneumonia.

Jay Townley (Anne Causey’s nephew).

Ethan Ray: starting antibiotics and will have a bone scan.

Jearlene Kimbrell: rehab for hip.

Delford Asbury: recovering from shoulder surgery.

Courtney Sanchez: recovering from emergency surgery.

Sharon Green (relative of Jearlene): stroke.

Lydia & Abigail Colburn: various illnesses.

Marshall Colburn: tooth.

Margie Swanger: bronchitis.

Larry Garner (friend of Parkers): heart problems.

Lauren Hodges (co-worker of Emily Parker): stage four breast cancer.

Joe and Mary Underwood (Anne Causey’s sister) and granddaughter Kathryn.

Recent Converts:


Telisha Mills (Nov. 24)

Brian Cook (Oct. 31)

Keith Naramore (Oct. 29)

Charles (Oct. 24)

Rosa Williams (Oct. 24)

Derek Snow (Oct. 15)

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  1. I am Earl White’s sister and wondered if you knew that he is in Decatur hospital. He had complications from his diabetes and was unconscious Thursday and Friday. He is conscious now and is finally talking. He is in ICU. Just wanted you to know. Helen Sherrill

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