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Sunday Bible Study 9:30AM
Sunday Morning Worship Service 10:30AM
Sunday Afternoon Worship Service 1:00PM
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00PM

Our Leaders


Dupree Galloway

Dupree became a member of the Lord’s church at the age of 12 when he was baptized at the church of Christ in his hometown of Fayette, AL.  He was honored to serve as a deacon at the Northport and Cottondale congregations. He has been blessed with the opportunity to serve as an elder at Cottondale for many years and considers it to be the most important job in his life.

Ernie Kimbrell

Ernie obeyed the gospel in 1976 at the Northport Church of Christ.  He served there as a deacon until he later moved to Cottondale Church of Christ.  Here he served as a deacon as well until he was appointed an elder. 

Clifton Parker

Clifton has been a faithful Christian since 1977, where he established himself at the Centerville Church of Christ.  He stayed there until 2018 when he moved to the Cottondale Church of Christ.  He was later appointed as an elder and has been leading the congregation in God’s Word since.



Marshall Colburn                                                                                                                        



Glenn Milligan




Justin Oates

Justin has been with the Cottondale congregation since 2022.  Before moving to Cottondale, he served as a Minister in Mississippi for 4 years.


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  1. I like your congregation and i need to partnership with you in the spreading of the gospel here in Zimbabwe.Iam evangelist Nhamo Mumba a minister at Magamba Church of Christ

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